My period cycle is 28 days I got married in July 2013 nd I m trying to get pregnant now..
First time I have tried in January 2014 but I was unsuccessful and also got my periods 4 days before my expected in last 6 months 3-4 times I got my periods 2-3 days before my expected dates and we do not use any protection we have tried this month also but this time same I got my periods 4 days before I am in very much tention please suggest what should I do and how and when we try to get pregnant... my periods time is 6 days.. And I never face any kind of period problem I had perfect 28 days cycle..
I only use regestrone tablet for delay my period date at my marriage because my period and. Marriage date were clashed...
But after that I never used any kind of tablet and once I used unwanted 72 contraceptive pill after 1 month of marriage..
I didn't have any kind of physical relation before marriage..
Please suggest..