I've been reading the reviews on here. I got implanon inserted Oct. 1st 2012. My cycle is usually towards the end of the month, so when Oct. 26th came around and I started a very light period, I wasn't surprised. However, I have not stopped bleeding since. The periods go from super light to somewhat heavy (I normally have VERY VERY VERY heavy periods, but haven't experienced anything close yet). Most of the time it's just enough to mess up my underwear, but nothing that a pantyliner can't fix. So I've been bleeding for almost 2 months straight. I think out of the 2 months I didn't bleed for 3 days, but not consecutive. I've noticed some moodiness, cravings, and fatigue every now and then. Luckily, after reading some of the reviews on here, my sex drive is not gone. Actually, I think it's heightened. :) My friend also had implanon inserted and she said she bled for 3 months and afterward hasn't bled since. So is there anyone out there that are experiencing the same thing? I would love to know how long it lasted for you. Also, any ideas on how to cut the cravings? Thanks ladies!