Hello everyone, I'm 20 years old, no children. I had the Implanon implant from 2014 had it replaced in July this year with Nexplanon, with Implanon I had a period every 2 months that lasted for 2 weeks every time which didn't really bother me. The last 4 months of Implanon (April to July) I had no periods, which was unusual cause I always had one, I had then replaced with Nexplanon in July, still no periods and it's now October and I suddenly noticed pinkish spotting, which had lasted for 3 days now it's stopped? I'm so confused, why have I suddenly spotted after 7 months of not having a period? I've been really bloated especially after I eat and I'm definitely not pregnant cause I've taken some tests. I understand it's normal for periods to mess up with a different implant but why did I stop getting them with my last one in the last 4 months when they were regular? Sorry it's long just been worried something serious is going on. Thanks