Until, last week, I thought my implanon was removed 4 years ago, and I blamed myself for not being getting pregnant for all these years. I visited many fertility clinics and went overseas to start a family. but as bad luck would have it, I didn't succeed which resulted in my emotional and mental breakdown. And than last week, while in the shower I felt something in my left arm, and I got worried and called the same medical clinic that performed the surgical removal 4 years ago. When I reached the clinic, the doctors nervously attended me and removed the implanon again. They scanned my arm and made sure that nothing was there anymore. They didn't charge a penny for the removal of the impalon again. I was happy buy also cried as I was blaming myself for not getting pregnant. I told off the entire staff for destroying my life for 4 years. Now the million dollar question is, Do I have a case of medical negligence? if yes, than what are my options. thanks.