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Implanon - Hello I would like to know if anyone gained a lot of weight on this birth control?

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emilyertz 11 Oct 2014

Hello, I did actually gain weight on Implanon I was not only our Clinic Manager but the first patient to get the Implanon in our county when the Implanon first came out. I had alot of break through bleeding and weight gain with it since I was the guinea pig and didn't have anyone else to ask I suffered through it but soon found out it was somewhat common with Implanon users. I think I gained about 20 lbs with it and I did end up having it removed about 6 months early and I did end up losing the weigt. I guess we as medict professionals can't say with out a doubt that it does caues weight gain but from my own personal experience and my experience at my job ot is my conclusion that I think it does. I really hope this helps you out, please feel free to ask any questions anytime you like. Bye now free discount card

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