So I'm sexually active with my bf of a year but I dont want or plan on getting pregnant any time soon so I want to get on birth control because condoms dont make me feel 100% sure anyways i got on YAZ for about 3 to 4 months but only because my dermatologist thought i had PCOS and it had more female hormones that i needed well turns out i got tested and i really didnt have it but the reason i started yaz was because she thought it would stop my acne, well i would say i have like medium acne not too bad its gotten better since she put me on solodyn to control my hormones well my thing is i want to get on BC that will most likely not cause acne because this past year 1/2 ive worked so hard to clear it up. When i was on YAZ it didnt really change anything i didnt gain weight or break out. so i just need some advice or ideas of what could work for me other than a pill ?