I had my Implanon contraceptive removed about 2 weeks ago. That same day I had the Depo-Provera injection. I have had extreme pain during intercourse for the entire time that I had the Implanon contraceptive in my arm (3 years). I was hoping that side effect would disappear not long after the bar was removed. However, I'm still experiencing the same effect. I've only ever taken the pill (Loestrin-24 and then a generic version) and I never had that side effect. Is it possible that I haven't waited long enough? Or maybe my body is reacting the same way to the depo shot? The nurse who helped remove the contraceptive bar suggested that maybe I had that side effect because the dosage couldn't be controlled with a bar (I only weigh 105 lbs) and it could have been too much for me. Is this side effect ever going to go away?