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Implanon - I'm deathly afraid of needles can I be put to sleep so they can insert it ?

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Marvell 23 Apr 2012

No, they wont put you under general anesthetic to insert Implanon. They will however, numb the area with a local anesthetic so you won't feel it. Just look the other way.

DzooBaby 23 Apr 2012

General anesthesia is too much of a risk for something as simple as Implanon placement. As Marvell says, they will numb you up with a local-just dont look, you will get through it!! No one LIKES needles unless they are very strange! If you truly think you cant deal with it then perhaps Implanon is not the right method for you.

DzooBaby 23 Apr 2012

Besides, to get general anesthesia, you would still have to get an IV so that wouldnt be needle free either!! free discount card

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