I got my first Implanon implant when I was 16 and it was suppose to been taken out when I was 19 but of course when your insurance isn't good and you don't have any money I had no way to take it out. It's been in my arm for five years now. It's still in my arm now and I'm 24 yrs old now. I have crazy mood swings--where I'm always angry, weird cravings for things, hot flashes, times where I'm cold, times where ALL of my emotions come out at once, I'm also seen a pattern where I would gain weight but then I would lose weight. Now recently I have been losing weight. I am a naturally small sized athletic slim person. So my muscle definitions shows I've been noticing that has gone away and I've become very skinny. I'm 92lbs but I feel like I'm losing more weight I'm probably 70 or 80 lbs now. I'm not sure what to do either.