before anyone reads I'm not a child I'm a 27 year old woman and married 5 years. So long story short I'm on my second implant. I've had the second on in a year now so that's a total of 4 years. Things have been great no unusual side effects. Havnt had any period in 4 years the occasional spotting like once a year. Anyway about 2- 3 weeks ago I had a period that lasted a full day was very weird but didn't really think anything of it because it was gone next day. The last week my mood swings have been haywire and I've been crying over the simplest things. (Rember I've have the bar 4 years and I've had all the fake pregnancy symptoms.) My mother was joking around with me about it was said awh your just pregnant we had a bit of a giggle and that was the conversation over. In my head I was like nah I'm on the implant 1 in a million chances of that happening. I woke up this morning and the pain from my nipples is awful. As I've said I've been I've had the symthoms like tender breast but this dosnt feel like them. Maybe I could be really pregnant but I don't wanna stress my self out about it or get my hopes up if I more then likely will end up not being pregnant. Ide rather here from people like you all who know what I'm talking about before I go the doctors. Has this happened to anyone?