Bleeding for three months now everyday huge blood clots but now I've stoped clotting and only has heaps of fresh blood. Thought was having heart attack a few weeks ago, memarge blood so many time can turn the toilet black in under 5 mins, peed blood 3 times, always sleepy and weak, running temp of 38 when it's 5 degrees. Finger swollen twice the size and suden strong pain in my knee (never had any leg problems before) legs and arms go numb a lot. Waking up face first on the ground. Gosh the list goes on (like the bleeding) I'm going through more pads a week then food last night went though 2 overnight pads in an hour. Heard the best part I've taken myself to hospital 4 times all they did was say I was pregnat then gave me and STD check they was all clear gave me a pad and sent me home. Oh I can only breath at 30% intake, random rash all over my chest. I was forced to have this and I feel like I want to sue, I have a floating lump in my Brest before the implanon and I'm semi allergic to latex. Was on the pill fir many if years but that only made me sick. Tell me am I dead yet or can I get just a few litres of blood. Why am I been ignored by health services