Hi, I have had several bouts of severe depression on and off since I was sixteen. I'm now 39. I have slowly gone up to 225mg of venlafaxine which I have been on for 10 days now. I am still feeling teary, unable to concentrate, I find it even hard to go out the front door and face anyone. My confidence has just disappeared and life in general is extremely hard. I have two children 11 and 6 and trying to be the mother I was before I got depressed is so so hard. We have moved to another city and the loneliness and lack of support is really difficult, I had my mum to help me through the last bout I had but this time I am battling it on my own and my partner helps me as much as he can when he gets home. It's also my first time on venlafaxine. I was taking 60mg Prozac along with a high dose of lithium to speed up the Prozac. My hair was falling out so they changed me to slow release lithium which was better. I'm just wanting to know is it right to still feel this low or does the venlafaxine take longer to work? Thank you, Joanne