The onset of my migraines are usually deterred by getting in a dark room or by shading my eyes for a period of time; but today we went to our grandson's baseball game and did not have access to dark room, etc. Have also experienced vision issues wherein I am unable to see objects with specificity; e.g.; I look at the clock on the wall and do not see all of the numbers and/or each of the hands of the clock. I am able to see the small hand on the seven but have difficulty seeing the large hand on the three (7:15). This is just one example. At the ball game, I recall looking at the pitcher on the mound but could not see the catcher or the first baseman. It's as if the vision is impaired in the right visual field; also my headache is on my right side. If the vision impairment occurs on the left side; I usually have headaches on the left. This seems contradictory to the left-brain right-brain body functions where the right brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. The experience I am currently having has been exacerbated, I think, by the fact that I was unable to get away from the sunlight. It is a Saturday evening and I do not know how soon I will be able to access a knowledgeable medical professional for information and am a bit anxious about my condition. I am hoping that someone out there, who may have had similar experiences, could provide some thoughts on how fluoxetine might be a contributing factor and what countermeasures, if any, were taken. My husband (a worrier) is typing this for me and would really appreciate a positive response to this question. Thanking you in advance.