The doctor put me on Aldara for three BCC's and four AK's on my legs, three days a week; every other day with weekends off..
I then saw the doctor again three weeks later at which time he told me to continue treatment but use it every day with weekends off. I'm not sure if I should continue treatment for another three weeks (making it a six week routine from the start) or if I should take it for an additional six weeks being I'm now taking it daily. No major side effects other than blistering and scabbing of the AK's (which is what I expected). The three biopsied superficial basal cells didn't react as badly as the AK's have.
When I first started, I put it on two of the biopsied basal cells on my thigh and within two weeks I had a rash with blisters all over a large portion of the thigh. I'm assuming these are AK's. I then started putting the cream on the red spots (but keep in mind, these didn't erupt until two weeks into treatment).
I'm a bit confused as to when I should finish my treatment. The doctor who prescribed the medicine was my surgeon who had performed Mohs surgery on my forehead and my nose (with a flap reconstruction) in December. He doesn't, as a rule, practice dermatology any longer as he only performs Mohs surgeries and other dermatologists refer their patients to him.

I have an appointment with a new dermatologist for skin checks, etc., on May 3. I've been taking photos so I can show her the progression of results but since I started this regiment on March 3, the six weeks will be up before I see her. Should I continue for a total of 9 weeks just to be sure all the cancers and pre-cancers are gone until I see the new doctor? What would you do?