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Imatinib - how do you get leukemia?

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kaismama 13 Apr 2013

Not by anything you do or catch. It is a cancer of blood cells.

happybrandee 13 Apr 2013

You can not "get" Leukemia! It is not contageous like a cold or the flu!!
It is a cancer of the blood and cancer is not contageous!!
I am not a doctor or a medical professional so the best person to answer this question is your doctor.
Good luck to you!!

Hunterkb 15 Jul 2013

I currently have CML and it is believed I "contracted" it from chemotherapy treatments I received for stage 3 testicular cancer. I am only 30 so getting testicular cancer was not uncommon for that age range but getting CML after a year of my last BEP chemo treatment is suspect and controversial, but there have been reports of people getting leukemia from chemo/radiation treatment for other cancers

kathyhanson 15 Jul 2013

Wow! I never knew that was even possible. I have learned something new from you. Thanks for sharing that info.

Hunterkb 17 Jul 2013

no problem! when I was getting my consult before chemo I was also told that permanent lung damage is a possibility also from chemo. it's great they are cing out with alternative treatment for cancer as chemo is so dangerous with life threatening side effects. when I participated with relay for life cancer walk I met another younger cancer patient who also got leukemia after chemo for a different cancer (she has breast cancer) after her I researched and joined chat groups and found that the rate of getting leukemia from chemo was more prevalent with BEP chemo which is normally given for reproductive cancers (breast, testicular, cervical, ovarian, etc) so I found that really striking now when I mediate a guy diagnosed with testicular cancer I push a lymph node dissection surgery rather than chemo if he has the option.

kathyhanson 17 Jul 2013

I too had chemo, but it was for multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells. I've been very fortunate to not have breast cancer, as it runs in my family. Just so I understand completely, you are saying that chemo for hormonal based cancers is more apt to cause leukemia? I mean, breast, testicular, uterine, prostate, etc? This is very interesting to me. I have many in my family and friends with these types of cancer. Good information to pass on to them. Can you send me a link by PQ so I can read up on it and send the info to them? I'll add you as a friend. I truly appreciate you sharing this info. You've done a great service. Thank you.
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