I'm seeing my new head oncologist on Fri. For real!!! When I weighed in this week-I gained a lb. The nurse and Dr, were asking what I eat. They didn't know that a tablespoon of sweet pickle juice or pickle relish can make a 6 oz. can of tuna taste pretty good. I told them that I chopped up 3 hard boiled eggs and mayo. Do that and swallow.
I'm doing good. I my stomach felt bad one day. I took stomach medication, and ate like a horse the next day. I think that I didn't eat enough that day. For some reason the tumor on my lip is getting big again. I can feel it when I put the burn cream on.
I kept Emailing people that said they'd help and nothing happened. They just think that you'll forget about it. The chaplain called me this afternoon. She said part of the problem is that nobody could believe that a doctor would propose that type of surgery. My GP ran the lab work on his own, because the bad doctor never did the basic lab work that he was supposed to do. That helped my case a lot. I also down-loaded the MD Anderson statement about the value of life in creating a treatment plan, as many treatment plans have dubious value, while greatly disrupting the quality of life.
This doctor went around saying that I was choosing my treatment plan by vanity. I tell everyone that cancer is difficult for the whole family, but having a surgery like a partial face removal would greatly increase the agony suffered by my family.
I told the chaplain that he said that in about 10 years, it would resurge, I'd have more surgery, then chem, and then radiation-so I went directly to radiation. The chaplain was appalled-she thought that face removal was a cure -not a control.
I owe the receptionists so much, because they told the big boss that I was there. I was nice, and I really needed help.
I want to thank all of you so much for your prayers and encouragement. It means a lot to me.