I've been in chronic pain since 2004 & have been in pain managment since 2006. I need both knees replaced and 5 discs fused according to all my doctors. Been on morphine to the point to where I couldn't urinate. Then I was on fentanyl patches & changed them every 2 days. I got up to taking 100mcg. patch every 2days, 10mg of percocet 3x aday, 350mg of soma aday & 100mg of amitripilene a nite. I was on that dose for a year. Now I'm just on my fentanyl patch. It has only helped about 40% of my pain. I can't play with my kids & can barely work. I've had injections after injections & they don't help. So methadone has seemed like the last option. Please let me know what you think.