and I made it last. I would get help from a doctor if I could, but my finances are horrible. I hope to make rent and going to a doctor isn't feasible right now. I did great until tonight because I had no more suboxone, and it isn't easy for me to get. On the bright side I only took one vicoden and a week ago I was taking 15 to 18. I started feeling crappy today and found one and it helped but I don't want to start again. Is there any way to get suboxone, or anything else that would help for free or really cheap? Also has anyone heard of Kratom, it is all natural that is sold at head shops that helps with opiate withdrawls. I know it helps because I've tried it. I want to know why doctors don't suggest using that. I would use that but like I said I'm really, really, broke until I can start making steady pay again at my new job.