Hi my DC family,
I just wanted to give you an update. I am down to 1.5mg a day. I take .5 in the morning and 1mg at 3ish. My script is for the 8 mg strips... i think Ive got the cutting down so far but it might get a little tough when i drop lower.
Yest was my second day on this dose and I did feel sluggish and a bit depressed and achy. I was out Christmas shopping and by 3 o'clock I noticed I was feeling a bit irritated and sweaty and I took the 1 mg. I felt fine the rest of the day. Sleeping is not a problem. In fact I feel like thats the one think thats making my husband curious about whats going on with me because I cant stay up for a movie... if I get into bed at 8 Im out in 30 minutes. Thats one great thing so far because I remember trying to ween off opiates a dozen times and there was NO getting comfortable NO sleeping at all. It was horrrid... this so far is tolerable. Oh, my hands have pins and needles ALOT! I dont know what the deal is with that. I have a bad back and I had back surgery 9/20/11
and prior to the surgery I did have some of this in the middle of the night which woke me up but this is all throughout the day... actually as Im typing now. So if anyone has any feed back on that. I feel like Ive gained weight over these last 2 months while being on suboxone... which kills me and the constipation sucks and the no sex drive also sucks but the gift of finally being free of pills will be priceless! I cannot thank Pup, Patti, Jilly, Unlvgrad, and of course Sweet Lemon... (who was the first to reach out to me and make me feel loved and like I was going to be ok) You guys are the best. Patti, I hear in my meetings that you have to give this gift away in order to keep it and you have certainly shown me how thats done by all the love and support and direction/suggestions you offer to the sick and dying drug addicts that are searching for help. I hope I never forget how I felt just 2 months ago and that I can help and share my experience strength and hope on this site like you and all the other friends I named. I know I still have much work to do but I want to... thank you from the bottom of my heart!