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I'm taking Piroxicam and I drink Beer? Should I also be taking 9 Tylenol a day?

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Salzy 20 Sep 2009

I wouldn't advise it, Being that i dont know what the Piroxicam would do but i do know that the acetimenophin in tylenol works as a blood thinner as well as alcohol, it would cause sever drowsiness, and or if you were to be injured severe blood loss, just my opinion...

alrolly 20 Sep 2009

Thanks, I have been talking with my Dr, and she keeps saying to take them for my Hip pain, I just had a MRI and it showed bone spurs and bone deginaration(sp) She has had me on Pirxicam for 3 years now, per reading up on side affects I also should not be taking Prozac with Pirxicam, I see a new Doctor next month and am going to talk with him about it. I have bad hip pain and she wont give me pain meds for when it is realy bad because I have a few beers a month.

Marvell 30 Nov 2009

You can take Tylenol with Piroxicam... (but did you say you are taking 9 Tylenol ?). The maximum dose of Tylenol per day is 4gm. I don't know what strength of Tylenol you are taking but if it's the 500mg tablet then you should only take 8.

jkc313 1 Jun 2010

Are you a moron? Piroxicam for years??? If your Doctor is that stupid you better not be. But a few facts folks. Acetaminophen is NOT a blood thinner. It will, however, kill your liver. Your Doctor won't give you pain meds ( I assume narcotics) because you were dumb enough to tell him you drink beer, but this Doctor is so ignorant that he WILL let you take acetaminophen with alcohol which is a perfect recipe for a blown liver, and you want to take 9 of these? Stuff does little or nothing for arthritic pain anyway. Educate yourself because apparently medical schools are graduating complete idiots. Here's an idea: got a dog? Your Vet probably knows more about these drugs than your physician. Sad but true. free discount card

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