I have been on narcotics for a few years. I got a new dr when I moved and he thinks I should be on extended release. He RX me for 40 mg oxycontin but I find it is to strong in morning and doesn't last but 2 - 4 hours. I cut my pill in half thinking that that would be better than I remembered I was on this new drug. Before this I took about 9 7.5 hydrocodone 2 - 3 four x day so I am having trouble with the one a day. I think it should be two a day at a lower dose. I have the OC med not OP and I split it with a pill cutter. Would it be safe. I tried taking an additional 40 mg pill at night but it is to much. Pain DR is not is contact and his nurses relayed message to discuss this at next appointment. I pretty much start withdrawl at night is the problem. Can I do this safely with a 40 MG tablet?