All 5 of my lumbar discs are herniated. My back never hurt, but within a week last June my legs began to hurt so bad I couldnt walk. I had an MRI and my Dr said w/out surgery I would be paralyzed. The # 4 and 5 disc were pushing on my sciatic nerve. I had surgery 9 months ago. Now my back hurts ALL the time and almost as bad as my legs did. After surgery I was told I have spinal arthritis. I get shots in my back every 2wks but they only work for about 2wks. The oxycodone stopped working about 3 months ago but Im so scared of medicines that I put off asking for something stronger until yesterday and was prescribed Embeda 50mg. Its so expensive no pharmancy within 100 miles even had it. It's also fairly new. The 1st time I took one oxycodone I passed out. I dont drink, smoke or take illicit drugs. I've read the other reviews about Embeda and I hope someone can reassure me that I wont die of an overdose when I take the 1st pill! I was told that Embeda comes in lower doses; 20mg, 30mg, so Im wondering why my Dr is starting me off at such a high dosage. I also take Ambien and Soma and Im so scared to mix all of these. Any advice is appreciated.