Ii have had knee pain prob for yrs. In 2009 i started on low dose. Over the yrs i have had to change and increase meds. I had a pain doc in the state i was in. I moved and couldnt find a doc to presc my med. I went through excrutiated w/d. New ortho doc gave me 10 mg percs still was in pain. Finally got knee replacement had a real rough time. Still am. Aug was my surg 2011. Im on good med but he said i need pain management he couldnt keep on. So i got ref from pcp. They cant find one in my city that takes my ins. Was denied by one. Ive got to have other knee done real soon. Im 34 and desperate. If i had money id prob do illegal things to get it. Forgive me! Im goin to talk to doc tomm and pray for a miracle!