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I'm starting today on subs, I never asked the Doctor how soon I can take it after taking opiates?

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Inactive 29 Nov 2011

Welcome to the site. The fact yourndr didn't start you on it in the office is one red flag to me, that the dr didn't fully instruct you on how to take it is another giant red flag. You must be short acting opiate free for at least 24 hours before starting subs. I hope you are not going to tell me you were on methadone before trying to switch because that is a long acting opiate replacement and needs very specific start instructions. Did your dr tell you to take it and dissolve it under your tongue, it reallynwon't work unless you dissolve it under the tongue. Be careful with this dr because I can pretty much tell you he/she is in it for money instead of properly treating you for opiate dependence. Please ask more questions if you need to, ok. Ptti

pup6767 29 Nov 2011

Hi Liz... yes, I agree with Patti 100%... I am also on suboxone... in my third month... I am on 2 mg/day. Oh... yes, welcome to the site. There are a few of us on subs here so please feel free to come here with your concerns and questions. Also could you please let us know how much opiates you were on and for how long? And at what dose of sub is the doc starting you on?? Please know that most docs start people on dosages that are way too high. Please look up Robert_325... he actually has an excellent paper he wrote specifically for starting on suboxone. It will be worth your read. He and Patti who wrote you before this post are the most knowledgeable folks here on suboxone therapy. There are many caring folks here who will be glad to help you. Let us know how you are doing with it all... free discount card

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