so, im going to the dr tomorrow and i was trying to get some input. i wanna discuss my treatment (that is no longer working). many of you know that the dr dropped my meds from lorcet 10s to 7.5s. the 7.5s have about the same effect on me as a tylenol... no relief. nobody ever gave me any options about my treatment and im trying to take control. im tired of taking all these pills. muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories, lorcet, xanax, its getting so old. im tired of swallowing pills, im actually starting to gag! is there a 24hr pain med that i can talk to my dr about. i hate that the effects wear off so quickly with the lorcet. after taking them for a little over a year... the effects wear off within about 45 minutes. then im in pain again. some days i may take 1 or 2... other days i may need 3 or 4. i never take more than that. even at 4 a day, the majority of the day, im still in pain. my back is not what it should be for a 25yr old. my PM dr says i dont need 40mgs of hydrocodone a day. he doesnt know the pain im in tho. he cant FEEL it. he said he has to have a medical reason to give me these meds. isnt having a twisted pelvic bone, arthritis, deterioration, and nerve damage enough MEDICAL REASON? i dont wanna go in there fired up and pissed off, but im tired of him making my decisions for me. i want options. i want help. i want something that works for me. i want to lead a halfway normal life. i wanna play with my kids more & not cry when i stand to do the dishes... or go to work. it would be great if they had a miracle drug that i could take in the morning and last till i go to bed. im tired of packing a little medicine bottle and taking it everywhere i go. i feel like im always sitting on the sidelines watching life fly by. i want my children to look back and say "wow, we had a great mom and a great childhood". i dont want them to say "mom always hurt too bad to play with us". i wanna be their rock. anyone who can give me some suggestions or ideas about what to do with my dr's visit tomorrow, please... comment. the dr i see is not a very understanding man. im looking into some other PM centers. but until then, i have to deal with this guy. any advice on meds i can ask about? my orthopedic dr that i seen last yr said that my pain is because of my breasts. he said my 2 options are breast reduction surgery or PM for the rest of my life... this was before we knew i had all the other problems. all comments will be appreciated... hopefully you guys can answer before my appointment at 10am in the morning! xoxo melissa