SO i was rx'd oc's for 6 yrs, 4 -5 40mg per day, got cut off due to losing insurance and couldn't find new dr quick enough, found a cash suboxene dr and have been on it for almost 3 weeks, i felt GREAT the first 3 days but have been dead tired, no appetite everything tastes like shit, constpiated, can't sleep and when i can i wake up for no reason and CANT get back to sleep even when im exhausted, etc, what am I DOING WRONG?? am i just not detoxed enough?? and like some others, i've thot about taking an oc just to see if i can go back and forth even just ONCE cuz i've given it 3 wks and have NO ENERGY at all!! just wanting to feel good for 1 day... what will happen?? can i NOT?? how soon can i take a suboxene IF i did?? how soon can i try 1 pill of oc AFTER suboxene dose? im SO confused... i'm sorry, im just not feeling as good as everyone said i would... is it too soon to expect?? i was on oc's pretty bad for YEARS, maybe it just takes more time??? HELP>