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Im so scared right now I can take alot of hydro right now around 30 tens. help me get off please?

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Inactive 26 Apr 2011

Hi scared,
Are you going cold turkey? Have you considered seeing a Suboxone doctor?
Subs can curb withdrawal and cravings.
If you are going cold turkey, please google The Thomas Recipe for a list of otc and RX meds you will need while in withdrawals.
You might also want to google Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, it explains in detail the "mental" part of withdrawal, what happens to brain chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and endorphins. Also, just a precaution, sometimes opiate cessation can cause depression. If you feel depressed and/or anxious see your doctor asap. There are medications that can help greatly with depression and anxiety.
Best wishes to you,

scared10 26 Apr 2011

Thank you so much I hope the Thomas recipe helps. I'm still scared though I have tried once and failed and I'm already depressed I'm starting to kinda feel like a big problem . I really hate this and just wish I could be different .

Inactive 26 Apr 2011

Hi again scared,
You need to man or woman up on thiis. It is NOT going to be easy. I took Oxy
Contin for almost ten years and went cold turkey off of them, I know what the hell of withdrawal is. That said, if I did it, so can YOU. Nothing that is gained easily is usually worth it.
Contact your doctor asap if you feel depression and anxiety already. Also if you have done this before and failed, please, consider Suboxone? If not I understand, it's just that you may have a better chance at staying off opiates with subs and the counseling that goes with it.
Keep fighting, for you may have your soul back, and what a beautiful thing that is!!

LaurieShay 26 Apr 2011

Hey scared,

Can't offer you anymore good advice other than what sweetlemon suggested for cold turkey. You can also taper off the hydrocodone and avoid the withdrawals, but you have to be very determined and I won't lie, it isn't easy to do. If you are ready to be free from this addiction, you can also consider the Suboxone route. You can google "Suboxone doctors" and find them in your area. Call around and get program pricing and length etc.

If you decide to wean off the hydro by slowly decreasing your dosage over time, I'm willing to help with a dosage schedule. Keep on posting and we are here to support you,

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