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I'm scared to take any medication and is wondering lexapro would be good for me and my GAD and DEPR?

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Psychmajor 30 Dec 2009

i dont know what DEPR is but it might be good. it just depends on what medications work for you. SSRI's are used to treat any anxiety disorder and for some people it seems to work very well. but lexapro has harder withdrawals if it doesnt work so i would say start with zoloft or paxil (or is it prozac... ) since those are safer

creolema318 30 Dec 2009

thanx depr(depression) hey have you been on prozac can this be used for GAD and depression and have you ever been on zoloft or paxil

ronnie1 31 Dec 2009

I took paxil for 4 years while going through a divorce. It did help me but was awful to get off of. They said it wasn't addicting but it sure was for me. I tried prozac for 2 months but it didn't help me. Also my doctor said prozac brings out violent tendencies. I personally don't know if that's true.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! DO NOT take lexapro for your GAD. I am in the midst of TERRIBLE withdrawls. In addition to that, while taking the medication, I gained over 30 lbs. It works great for GAD... but in my opinion, it's not worth the side effects. ESPECIALLY if you want to stop taking it one day. Talk to your dr. about alternatives.

punkman33 18 Jan 2010

They told me that all the ssri's were non addidctive, what they really should have said is they are non narcotic. I would not take any of them for GAD because they will have you taking them everyday which will cause addiction(dependency). Genralized anxiety dissorder means panic attacks at certain times or places which means you need something quick acting and JUST when you need it. I would talk to your phychiatrist and see if he can put you on Alprazolam, or Klonapin. You would take this drug when you need to (as presribed) and ONLY when you need to. This will make it non addictive whatsoever because your not on a hourly, daily pill regiment, and if you wanted to stop there would be no withdrawl. Oh yaeh diazapm can help certain people with depression... hope I helped ya, Later free discount card

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