Im scared of being off my Tegretol after almost 2 years. He just told me to stop it. What do I do about my racing thoughts at night now? He also told me to take my 10mg of Abilify in the morning. Ive been on that before, that strenght and it made me tired, why is the doctor telling me different things. And isn't ABilify for bipolar mania, thats not what I have I have bipolar depression. He told me the diagnoses he had written down and there wrong. All he got is Generalized Anxiety disorder, Borderline Personality disorder and Bipolar. He don't have my OPSTD down. Im upset. All he is treating me is how he sees me, he don't know about my past. I found out my medical doctor never got my records from the previous doctor who diognosed me with the OPSTD. So my psychiatrist obviously don't have those records either. He don't know anything about my past life. I haven't been getting treated right. The Primary doctor is gonna send out a release form I sign again and mail it back to get those records. Sorry got off my question, I'm not cold turkeying my tegretol, I'm scared. Anybody ever do that? Can someone answer about the Abilify too? I read and been on the med. I want my bad thoughts to stop not to continue . The doctor said I'm not ready for EMDR..what the hell am I gonna do? Help