After years of narcotic abuse, due to 3 herniated discs, i finally, in 2007 went into detox, then 18 days of inpatient treatment and 2 years at conifer park inPlattsburgh Ny. I was first introduced to suboxone while in outpatient treatment at conifer park. After successful completion of the program, i couldnt help but notice how well suboxone worked for my pain issue and the law had receintly been changed, where a doctor with an AB DEA Designation, could write for subs. I have been on subs for 4 years now and out of the blue, my doctor retires. Im very scared, because i cant find any primary care doctor that will take me on. I am now diabetic and have periferal neuropathy(feels like im standing in a fire pit or 30 mins in a snow bank). I need advice and bad. Where do i look? i live in a small town and have called doctors in the outlying areas and the answer is always no. They say you cant stop this abruptly, but doctors dont seem to care about my situation. Please help!!!