Torturous leg cramps have destroyed many a night's sleep robbing me of daytime alertness. I can see removing the OTC standing of quinine sulfate as cautious step. But I think a well advised patient should make his own decision: possible heart stress vs sleep deprivation(and consequent dangers). The rumble strip on thedge of the road works well, but I'd rather not depend on it. Also a nasty cramp during the daytime(let's say during driving) can, and has, happened to me. I understand that some of the issues that I may have with my heart may make me more vulnerable. The side effects of some of "Let's see if this works" type medicines scare me too as well as strain the healthcare system and my pocket.
I can't eat enough bananas(if that ever worked) or drink enough tonic water to make a theraputic dose. How much is in an 8oz glassful? Before the interdiction I would take 365mg AS NEEDED! And be free of hurtful cramps usually more than a couple of days. The worst crampings follow along the large tendons in either leg, sometimes both at once. The large tendon in the groin is a special treat, only exceded by both firing simultaineously. Then you can't walk and must wait in pain for the spasm to recede. I've had bruises at the site of s cramp which leads me to believe that DVTs can occur from cramps
All of a sudden no quinine. And now attacks on Quininone. Someone have a vested interested in a new anti-malaria drug? Hmm... I notice lately that there has been an increase in anti-quinine articles, meaning to me that there is a new concerted, albeit scattered, interest in reinstating quinine for leg cramping and an attempt by the antis to keep the scare-baby stories in the public eye.
What must I/we do to get quinine reinstated?
Thank you, xerby