I am 9 weeks pregnant and taking subutex. I am very affraid that my baby will have birth defects. Is there any evidence about babies having birth defects while the mom is taking subutex? I was thinking of going to a rehab and detox from the subutex is that bad? Please someone help. I have two children already and i have never gone threw this before. I actually knew nothing about this medication. I was on pain killers for my sever back pain and I got tired of taking it cuz it was solving the problem just making me addicted and depending on pain killers. So 5 months ago he put me on suboxone. When we found out i was prego he switched me to subutex.I was then 2 weeks prego and now 9 weeks prego im freaking out. I will never forgive myself if something happens to my baby. Im just scared and dont know what to do. Please someone help me!!