I've unfortunately been here before. Long ago, I went cold turkey because I really had no choice. I had an awesome job for a large medical practice that gave me access to script pads and wasn't long before I learned just how easy it was to get what I needed. Oops got caught! Went to court, drug tests, was on probation. I didn't think I'd survive the shame. But somehow I did and I think I even managed to keep the whole thing from my family.

Fast forward 15 months. Off probation, clean the whole time and feeling like a million bucks. Then, as fate would have it herniated 3 discs... oops again. This time my habit escalated from es vicoden to oc 10, then 20, soon 30, 40. Was stuck for another 2 years. So disgusted and after trying to cold turkey again and just couldn't do it! Went to rapid detox. It actually went really well, had the implant and was good to go for about 8 months. Well, my back with alot of pain... what would a few Tylenol 3 hurt? Soon there I was again 90-120 mg oc per day and going broke! Couldn't take it anymore. By the way, when you entrust dealers with $300 to get you a few days worth of what you need not only are you an addict you're just plain dumb! Can't tell you how much money I went thru with nothing in return. My only contact so over and over again I handed over money and got zero. Finally, I decided I've had it and I will be strong enough to figure out a way. Tapering, which makes the most sense never worked for me. I'm another one that will gobble what I have--"I'll start tomorrow". Here's what I did.

I went to my doctor for my back pain and got a script for my original Tylenol 3--3/day--a month's worth (in the doc's opinion anyway). They lasted me 12 days but kept withdrawal away without a buzz--you can imagine. Then I decided I'm done! On Sunday morning I took the last 2 I had and waited for the ride. Sunday went without a hitch. Actually felt pretty good. Monday, a little weak but got up and did my thing... a bit of RLS and soreness in my legs and back but nothing I couldn't handle. Sleep... well not so good. I do have a script for Trazadone and got myself 3 Xanax and I did sleep although fitfully. Tuesday, a bit rough I must admit but pulled myself up and went to work and managed! Amazing. Wednesday, a really good day although again a little weak, diarrahea in a big way (ammodium took care of that) and gouchy but I contained it and I don't think anyone noticed... who knows. This morning--Day 5 physically not too bad,much like yesterday. The good news is that I made it this far and don't want to turn back. I so want to be free of this. I'm so sick of the planned family vacations and wondering if I can dig up enough money to get what i need to last the trip. I'm sure everyone knows the feeling!

I saw the post about the "legal" poppy tea! What a great idea--NOT! I've done alot of stupid stuff, but I gotta tell you this sounds like the dumbest of all. Stay addicted for just get the hell off... considering other less expensive or what appears just a legal way to get opiates to me, at least, is just about the stupidest thing I've seen.

I've poured over these message boards for weeks and it finally gave me the courage to go for it! I think I'll make it. Wish me luck and advice if anyone has any.