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I'm on lexapro and my doctor says I have panic disorder and ocd... Will Lexapro take care of both?

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itsmetoo2 20 Dec 2009

It very well can. There are many drugs out there with dual purposes. If this works for you then your are right on the money. But in 14 days the doctor feels that this is the drug and feels you can do better. He can increase the strength or he can give you another drug.

I wish you the best

crossfirerip21 20 Dec 2009

thank you very much for the answer... I'm the type of person that worrys about everything... If one person say they had a problem with something I'll think that I'll get it too... lol... I've been on 10 mgs of lexapro for about 3 years... And .5 mg of klonopin... Recently I lost my dad in a boating accident... My family DR, put my mom on 20mg of lexapro and when I saw my pychiatrist he told me that it would be a good idea if I went up to 20 since it worked for my mom... For some dumb reason I'm more paranoid about serotonin sydrome now that he bumped me up to 20 even though I've been on it for 3 days already... I worry about unnecissary things... I have more of an obsessive personality than anything else... I saw something on here about some saying that they got serotonin syndrome form taking zoloft and trazadone and I'm not even on them and I'm freaked out that I'm going to get it now... But thank you very much itsmetoo2 for the help...

Psychmajor 20 Dec 2009

both of these are anxiety disorders so it can definatly but everyone reacts different with drugs so if you get bad side effects tell your doc right away and also therapy would be good if you have OCD

mitjason 20 Dec 2009

As far as anxiety goes. Antidepressants never worked for me, they actually made my anxiety worse. I would personally try a benzodiazepine. I take Xanax and it works great. It gets a bad rep from all the addicts and the people that know very little about addiction. If your antidepressant doesn't help with your anxiety give a Benzodiazepine a shot. Hope this helps. Good Luck! free discount card

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