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Im on house arrest an I have real back pain an I was wonderin if flexeril would notify them?

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Inactive 28 Jan 2012

Would Flexoril "notify them", meaning what? Do you have to submit to daily UA's? If you are subject to daily UA's then you cannot take anything besides coffee and aspirin, unless of course you can obtain a written note from your doctor.

Buddy1971 28 Jan 2012

No,flexeril is NOT something that would be tested for in any drug screen 5 panel or 8 because it's not a controlled substance. I've been on house arrest unfortunatetly but they don't test for drugs period just the controlled or illegal ones. If they tested for everything it would cost them a fortune & also flexeril isn't a benzodiazepine or opiate or anything else they test for. Hope this helps. free discount card

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