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I'm on cymbalta for fibro - am experiencing invol. muscle contractions - anyone else have this?

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fine4fifty 4 Sep 2010

Yes, I have fibromyalgia, and I too am having involuntary muscle contractions(some so bad they have awakened me from a sound sleep at night). I've been on cymbalta 8 mths now, started out at 20 mg and recently my DR increased to 60mg. At first she said it was because I was drinking too much water(I do drink lots) but she has changed her opinion since I cut back my water consumption and I am still having the contractions. She now has me doing stretching excercises. She also said I shouldn't sit or stand in one position for long periods, or lay in one position all night, which has helped a little. Plus I take advil which seems to help a bit also. My DR is now concidering muscle relaxers for me(she says they should help) but I hate having to take a bunch of medicines! I hope yours get better. free discount card

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