May 5, 2010 I was given 8mg subutex at induction. This dose had me way too high(could't wait till it wore off), so the following day I took 4mg and was ok. I took 4mg for a week, 2mg for a week, 1mg for a week- was fine throughout- side effects were tolerable. Then did .5 for 1 week.
Now .25 for 1 month and can't come off without very uncomfortable withdrawal.
Also Every morning I'm in withdrawl so EVERY morning it takes me atleast 2 hours to wake up.
I'm in AA since Induction and very serious about the program and sobriety. But every sponsor I try says I'm not willing to be sober because I'm taking crumbs of subutex- very frustrating. so noone will take me through the steps and here i am struggling with a tiny dose of subutex, Stuck.
Can anyone please help me to come off the subutex? The women I've met in AA have no understanding. I would truly appreciate some advice from someone who hears what I'm saying. thanks.