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Im on 150mg of morphine 3 times daily since 1999 it no longer seems to cut the pain what can I use?

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DzooBaby 31 Aug 2011

There are a lot of different drugs to try. I would suggest a long acting preparation. You dont say if your morphine was a long acting type or a short acting one. The long acting preparations have been shown to do better for people in chronic pain. There is MSContin which is the long acting morphine, there is also OxyContin as a long acting drug and you can use oxycodone short acting for breakthrough pain alone or in combination with acetaminophen. There is another long acting drug called Opana. It also comes in a short acting form too. The generic name for that is oxymorphone. You could also try Fentanyl patches which provide relief up to 3 days although some need to change them every two days. If you have trouble with adhesives, however, this one is not a good choice. There is alway Methadone which is a long acting drug and many people feel it is one of the best for chronic pain. It has been known to be difficult to come off of once you are on it though, but it is a good choice for chronic pain. It is fairly inexpensive for a long acting drug which is a plus if you have no insurance coverage or if you have a "donut hole" with Medicare. Talk to your Dr. Sometimes just a rotation to a different drug for awhile can help you go back to the morphine in time and have it work again. You were able to be on it for a long time and a moderate dose. Good Luck-I hope you are able to find something that works well for you! free discount card

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