... I was prescribed tramal nearly 2 yrs ago, for chronic back (sacroiliac) pain. I wasn't told theywere an addictive narcotic, but found out myself, via the net. I was recently taking 150mg (slow release), once a day, and only getting about 3 hrs pain relief. Then I started experiencing stomach pain and nausea, so my GP reduced dose to 1x 50mg twice a day. This was giving me no relief at all, so I stopped taking them. At this time, I began experiencing restless leg syndrom, which I've had before, but not almost every night. Could this be a side effect of coming off tramal? What with the pain, and lack of sleep, I'm going nuts! If I went back to my GP, I reckon she'll think I'm a druggie, if I ask her for something stronger! I don't want to just up my dose, as my mother and my sister are both addictive people, and I'm paranoid about following in their footsteps. Any advice you can give me would be gratefully appreciated