I have degenerative disc disease and have had several fusions and my first surgery was 2000 and last so far was 2008 so I have been on pain killers since then. I have found that the past few years I have been so depressed on the drugs. I tried going off of them for 3 months and felt better mentally but had to get back on due to the pain and the depression started again a month or so later. I have been on it all, Oxycontin (until they changed the formula), MSContin, Kadian, etc. along with Norco or Percocet for breakthrough. It is like a catch 22. Anyone have any advice besides antidepressants because I just tried Wellbutrin this past three months to no avail-maybe a better one out there? Ahhhh help! I'm also on disability so I can't work like I used to love to do. Thank you for reading if you took the time to do so. Hope you all are doing well.