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I'm new about the medication for anxiety which medication should I use first or safe to take?

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missy2 16 Mar 2010

i'm sure you willl get alot of response from you question there are alot of different meds for anxiety i myself take ativan and have taken it for years i don't want to try anything else it works for me over the years i've been able to take smaller doses than other times but i have had very good doctors and i truly know that is the key good luck finding the right medication for your anxiety. missy

Inactive 16 Mar 2010

Many types of meds. and your Dr. will prescript according to what meds. your on and body chemistry. What will work for you

AngelaJo 16 Mar 2010

Personally I would try a natural route first. All of the prescription anxiety meds can have horrible side effects. If you're only planning on taking them for a short time i.e. less than a month, you should be fine. However, there is a natural one called 5-htp that you could try first.

iamtina 24 Mar 2010

This is for Missy2. i read that you are on ativan. could you tell me what dose and does it make you sleepy or agitated. Ive been on xanax for years but its not really doing the work anymore. Would you share your thoughts on ativan? thanks ahead. free discount card

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