Im moving from Calgary Alberta to Ontario in about a weeks time. I have been working with a family doctor here in calgary regarding my chronic pain. Im only 26 years old and before 2 MVA's causing me chronic pain i had already a natural high tolerance to pain medication so i do get quite a bit of narcotic to aid my daily life. (3 oxycontin 80mg/day) (my doctor here in calgary prescribes me 4 a day because sometimes i get migraines from the pain i have in my neck and if that happend im in bed with black towels over the windows and a cold cloth on my head, so he give me the extra just in case, and i barely ever take the extra, if im careful maybe 2-3 times a month i take that 4th one, )
im also quite heavy a little over 200lbs and only 5"4 so that also probably has something to do with the reason for the high dose. have tried many other meds. Oxycontin the only one allowing me to have a normal life. Im not a drug seeker, and have no addiction in my family or my self. My doctor in calgary said that he can't fax my prescription to ontario because it is a narcotic, and i NEED to be seen by a doctor in order to get the perscription. and its EXTREMLY hard to find a family doctor. in fact the city i am moving to there are NO doctors accepting new patients, as far as i can find info online, i can't do much foot searching until i get there. I was hoping my calgary doctor could help me find someone. but he said no, i had to do it myself. My doctor wrote a letter stating my condition, and all the medications that i take requesting which ever doctor i see in ontario to continue to prescribe the medications. he also claims i should be able to bring this to just a clinic if i need to, as im still looking for a family doctor. the thing is i KNOW how hard it is to get these medications from a doctor and many doctors are afraid to prescribe them. will this note be enough? or should i ask my doctor for more things from my file to bring with me? what should i ask for?im afraid im not going to find a doctor in ontario to help me doctor said that if i stop taking my medication i will become very ill. my doctor gave me 1 perscription so i have about 1month and 1 week AFTER i move before i run out of my medications. so im wondering if i should start weining myself off after i move, If i start doing it before i move, i wont be able to move... DOES ANY ONE HAVE EXPERIANCE WITH BEING ON A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE AND MOVING FAR FAR AWAY??? WHAT DID YOU DO? WHAT DID YOU NEED IN ORDER TO CONTINUE GETTING YOUR PRESCRIPTION? the thing is my doctor pretty much refused to do anything to help me, and I had to beg for the letter, I even offered him 60 bucks to write it for me and thats when he fianlly agreed. he seemed to think that i could just move to ontario go into any clinic or doc office and say i moved from AB and been taking this this and this... and that the doctor would just write the script~~~!!! ~~~ common i KNOW thats not true!!