(although years up until this I did not take it seriously) from an anxiety disorder. I was desperate and went to the state for assistance due to no longer being able to work without encountering panic attacks. Debilitating ones -- racing thoughts, pounding tight chest, sweating, feelings of fainting, etc. A friend let me try a clonazepam which I broke in half and took one in the afternoon and one at night. My anxiety was cut drastically and I was able to finally get some sleep that same night. I've gone to the ER on a number of occasions from waking up feeling like I was suffocating (although most of my attacks happen during the day time or otherwise waken hours, consistently). I'm now seeing a doctor and counselor which will likely lead to medical treatment probably along the lines of clonazepam itself. My question is while I'm waiting weeks to be prescribed anything I'm worried that if they happen to U/A me, which they haven't yet, would clonazepam show up in my urine if I were to take 8 mg over 4-5 days leaving leeway of about 4 days before my next doctor visit? Would it be out of my system. This is the second time I've taken clonazepam but 8 mg is bigger than the 1 mg I ingested a month ago. Would I be safe along the lines of the possible U/A. I doubt I would have a U/A specially at my next appointment a week from now, more possible I'd be U/A at the following counseling session 2 weeks from now. When should this clonazepam be out of my system? And if it did show up in urine would doc/counselor be more reluctant to prescribe it? I was diagnosed earlier this week with panic disorder so clonazepam is likely the direction they would be going and I don't want to tamper with such a prescription because I've found that this stuff makes my panic attacks incredibly bearable. Any help is very appreciated. Please. Thanks