on my taper, this is nite 2 i wake up with the worse wds, body aches, ibby jibbys and restless leg and arm, heck my whole body is restless. im struggling reducing past 130 mg, what i notice, my pattern is when i get to 130, i struggle with the craving and mind in me that tells me i need the 130 mgs and i just cant get my self to reduce. so my dr and i discuss, say mabe im not ready yet, and we up my dose again, then the horrible cycle begins. tonite all this worry and feeling of failure brought on a horrible anxiety/panic attack and had to take not one, but 2 half mg xanax, fell asleep, then woke up in full blown wds. i know i need to reduce, i know it, some how, some way it has to be done, i just am so scared of the wds. i know its such a small reduction, but small or not for some reason i still have a hard time. could it be just my addict mind? should i possibly go and finish my getting off of the percocets in a detox center? any help is welcomed and anyone whos struggled at a certain level of tapering who got stuck like me at a certain mg, please let me know what and how you mad the reducing work? thanks for all of you who took the time, and takes the time to support me, ill be waiting for replies, leanne