My girlfriend has been a heroin user for a few years now, quitting once when she was pregnant with the help of methadone. She has stomach cancer and originally started using to cope with the pain. Shes planning on quitting after her bday next week, and Ive never had anything to do with heroin, but now im head over heels and would do anything for her. I see the hell she goes through when she doesnt have her fix, and it tears me apart inside. Suboxone makes her horribly sick, and methadone is out of our price range since she has no insurance. Is there anything i can do, ive tried thinking of everything, and short of robbing a bank to afford the cost of methadone, ive come up with nothing. I dont normally ask for anyones help, but this girl is the best thing to happen to me, and i want to do all i can to help get through this. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. ty