... Underline less then cause this piece that I take is so small its probably not even worth taking but I can't stop or make the jump based on the horror stories I hear on here. I was on 90 mgs of percs a day when I switched to suboxone on my own (buying it off the street and putting myself on a dosage based off what I read on here) I at no point ever took suboxone twice a day. The most I've ever taken in 1 day is 4 mgs (or a half) and that lasted less then 2 weeks. I then began the taper which I also took from advice on here, and within 1 month I was from 4mgs a day to .25 tappering weekly. I figured at that point that stopping would be painless. But even while still taking the .25 I would feel withdrawal symptoms after only a few hours. So I lowered it to what I believe is maybe .12 (its half of the piece considered to be .25, if you can picture that) and have been on that for about a month.

if this small of a dosage is doing anything at all, it only eases my withdrawal pain for a few hours (4 or 5 at most) then it begins so I usually suck it up through the day then day this miniscule piece at night so I can sleep a few hours but lately it DOESN'T WORK! For the past week, that little piece stopped working and I feel like I'm in full withdrawal mode all the time. I take the films, I won't dare go back to .25 or higher, but I'm starting to think I'm crazy. Could a dosage really just stop working like that? I took it 3 hours ago and I'm sitting here freezing with chills (aside from chills, occasional sweating, and anxiety, I get no other withdrawal symptoms. Although I don't get a great nights sleep, I'm prescribed sleep medicine that I've been on since pre-teen years so I sleep a decent 7-8 hours.) My question is, should I just say f#*k it and throw the rest away? 1 film lasts me literally 2 weeks, sometimes more. Am I being retarded? I just want/need some insight before I stop. If this pointless dosage really isn't working, I refuse to step back, so it would be time to go forward. Right? Help!