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Im in an oxford house ,sober house and I need to know ,is suboxone a narcotic ?

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mpvt 17 Mar 2010

Yes, buprenorphine (suboxone, subutex) is a partial agonist opiate. Still that shouldn't stop you (in my opinion) from seeking treatment but I don't set the rules. I would check into this further as suboxone is not really considered a drug of abuse since it is a partial agonist the same as Talwin. Good luck to you and hang in there... Dave

daryl64 17 Mar 2010

i need to clarifi something , im a alcholic and a chapter officer in oxfordhouse so i need to know if its allowed

mpvt 17 Mar 2010

I don't think I can help for one thing I'm in Canada and they can take medicine like this if it is for recovery or maintenance. I would not be able to see why it would not be allowed as like I stated before it is not a drug of abuse like heroin or morphine... Sorry, I wish I could help but I am not familiar with your protocol there... Good luck... Dave

Inactive 18 Mar 2010

Suboxone is considered opiate replacement therapy and you can still be considered sober if you are on it according to most counseling guidelines. I actually asked if I was considered sober while on suboxone in group therapy and the counselor said yes. You won't get high on it, it simply keeps you from withdrawing and allows the neurotransmitters and receptor sites to begin the healing process so you can one day be off of it. free discount card

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