... started 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Myofacial pain syndrome, Arthritis and mild degenerative disk disease. At first I was so against treating my pain with narcotics. After some research I convinced my self that I needed to be out of pain to function and that I would only stay on them for a little while. Ha, was I a dork. So I started out with the 5/500 vicodin and the rest is history. I am now a pitiful fool at the end of my rope. A mad woman, one of those, I'm checking my whole house like a fool looking for a norco that doesn't exist. Anyways here is the situation... The last 2 times I have ran out of meds about 4 days till fill time. Last time my doctor approved the early refill because it was the first time i have ever been short. He prescribed me more because I admitted I was taking 10 a day. I was on average but sometimes 12 a day. Now I am out early again by 4 days and so he is going to fill them but not until tomorrow. It's 3 days into cold turkey no norco and I really don't feel that bad. I don't want to take them anymore and I know my script will be waiting tomorrow. My brain is playing tricks telling me to pick them up just in case, but 300 norco is not for a just in case scenario. What do I do?