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Im Im pain alot have arthritis, how do u get the doc to pescribe u pain meds hes jackin me around?

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LaurieShay 22 Jan 2012

Might want to first investigate the non narcotic pain medicines with the doctor such as Celebrex. Once the doctor is able to evaluate your pain response, he maybe willing to prescribe something stronger if necessary.

subzero58 22 Jan 2012

talk with your insurence co. if you pay cash,take your money to another doctor.

totallyforgiven 22 Jan 2012

Not saying you do, but there are so many people that abuse medications that it is harder for doctors to prescribe something, they are held accountable. There is blood work to see if it is arthritis, it tells the doctor what the sediment rate is. If he suspects it is, he will try a couple things, if this doesn't work, he will refer you to an arthritis specialist, who will then order a bone scan to see if it is truly arthritis and if so, where the arthritis is and he will then discuss treatment plans with you. Also you need to follow up with the same doctor so that they can get a history of what has worked and what hasn't worked. You have to be honest with your doctor and tell them exactly what they pain is and where it is.

adub916 17 Feb 2012

Did you know that you can still have arthritis even though it does not show up in your blood? I have RA and it never showed up in my blood and from what my doctor says it happens a lot that it doesn't show up in blood work. free discount card

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