... percs, oxy..whatever I could get. I took last norco on saturday and took an 8mg subutex yesterday. I was clean for about 18 mo (cold turkey) with the help of NA. I had a baby this Jan and got on norcos for the recovery..well as I already knew I was powerless and didn't really want to get off. Anyway, I decided I'm really done this time..I have a lot of guilt this time as I am a mother now. I always made sure to breast feed before taking them so he wouldn't get the full effects. Anyway, before I did my 18 mo clean I had tried going off opiates with the help of suboxone and only ever had to take just one 8mg,one time and was then fine. I just never had long term care plans like NA to keep me clean. Plus I wasn't ready to really stop getting loaded. Ok, so speed back up to today..I took the 8mg yesterday and need to know when it will be out of my breastmilk so I can go back to nursing my baby. I assure all who are going to think I'm asking so I can get high - I AM NOT! I just have to get back to nursing. My family is wondering why I'm not nursing. They don't know I fell off the wagon. Since he really didn't get the full
Effects when I was using I'm afraid if he gets the subutex I took yesterday it'll throw him into the withdrawal. Can someone who is knowledgable on the matter please chime in. Can't find any info online or from the pharmacist.
Sorry that I was jumpy and out of order, I'm just all stressed about it all. I did hit a meeting today and feel great! God is good.
One last thing..not sure if it makes a difference but usually I was taking anywhere from like 13-25 10/325 norcs daily.
Thanks for any info. Positive responses only, please. :)